The NTU collection of scientific and technical papers on Economics and Transport Management

ISSN 2413-0966 (Print), ISSN 2414-9861 (Online)

Founded in 2015 Certificate of registration: Series KV № 21289-11089P dated 26.03.2015, issued by the State Registration Service of Ukraine.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

The materials published in the scientific journal of Economics and Transport Management highlight research results in reforming certain forms of transport, optimizing the processes and production and business activities of the road transport complex of Ukraine and other countries, the development of principles and methods of business management to enhance their competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

The journal is a valuable source of information for practitioners and researchers in the field of economy and transport management as it facilitates sharing of knowledge, research results and ideas in this area.

By the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Order № 820 dated 11.07.2016, the scientific journal of Economics and Transport Management is included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine, where the results of dissertations for the degree of doctor or candidate of sciences can be published (branch of science – Economics).